Proper Use of Social Sites

Often we use social sites like facebook, twitter, estagram etc. Many of us use social networking sites in the Internet, for half an hour, for an hour, and for 2 hours or more. We have to keep in mind that we will not be able to add them using more of them. If we sleep - check out Facebook or other sites while awake, refreshes the screen repeatedly without any sense. Only on this expectation that some new notifications may be seen or become restless when they are not chatting. So, no, we are suffering from the addiction of social sites. With excessive use of them, we can reach many types of dump. And we may also face the consequences of this.

People of fake profiles can find people on Facebook or other site many times. By changing the profile geder many times, the duplicate photo is uploaded. This makes it difficult to choose the right frades and it makes it difficult for the relationships with Real Frades and family. People do not face their problems nowadays, but rather Facebook. Positive way if social sites are used, which are co-beneficial, but if it is addicted, we tend to get away from our Real Frades.

Misuse of life's ninjetic days
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In the Youth, you do not have to reduce your other energy kiosks. You have a lot of energy, time and strength to choose a career and fight competitiveness. If you spend more time on the social site. So you are not investing them all but doing the vest. Yes, if they are taking some good knowledge from these social networking sites. Or is it a good thing to have a Facebook page for promotion? If they are using them in vain. So this is Time - Wester. Recruitmet in the company is also being done through the business network site like Likdath. Therefore, increasing the skill sets by keeping profitable professional.

Do not give happiness to others

Many times our happiness depends on how many people have liked our photo. And how many have done it. If we put our photos in a new dress. And some of them make fun of him. So we become sad In this way, we give control of our happiness to others. According to the Ireland's Data Protection Commission, more than fifty million Facebook users' hacks were hacked till October of last year. And with the help of fake web sites, fishermen attack the work of all these users' profiles, photographs etc..

Health can fall on bad influence

Are you or your children addicted to playing too much gamens on the internet? What time does Facebook, Estagram, spend a lot of time on Twitter. Whether it is affecting daily life, relationships, work or study. If the answer to all of these is yes, then according to Dr. Ivan Goldberg of America, you are suffering from an illness called Eternate Edition disorder or coupled internet access (CIU), then the day will not be far away when you yourself I will find According to the ResearchPortwalWorld, there are about seventy crore internet users in India and it is likely to increase in the coming time, due to excessive use of the internet, we can have problems both physically and metal. Our eyes may become weak, due to sitting in the wrong position can lead to spondylitis, and there is danger of going to depression.
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