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10 Amazing ways for stay at home to make money


10 Amazing ways for stay at home to make money

1. Survey Taker
Like those experts on TV, you can also make
a few bucks with your opinion.
Companies and manufacturers use online surveys as a way to gather data about their products and services from real consumers like you and I. They then use this information to improve their products and services or come up with new ones.You sign up for free and fill out your profile. Then, whenever there are studies that are looking for participants in your demographic (that’s why you fill out your profile when you first sign up), you will get an invitation to participate.
Each survey can take anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes or more. And depending on how long the survey is, you can earn anywhere from $0.50 to $80 or more.On average, you are looking at $2-$5 for a 10-20 minutes survey.Some sites reward you a certain amount of points for each survey you take that can later be exchanged for cash and prizes such as gift cards for Amazon, Starbucks, and other retailers. And others will just give you cash.
Here are a few legitimate market research companies with online panels that reward you for participating in their studies.

2. Website Evaluator - Web site’s owners are always looking to improve the navigability of their sites and user testing is the best way for them to gain valuable first-hand information.To perform this task you need a computer with an Internet connection and a microphone.
A company like UserTesting, for instance, will ask for your demographic profile before assigning you the appropriate websites that match you with their targeted audience.
Your job will be to test and evaluate website After you download their UserTesting screen recorder, you’ll basically record your experience (what you like, what you don’t, how the design looks, etc) as you go through the website.You can make $10 for only 20 minutes of testing.

3.Professional Blogger -Blogging is an awesome way to make a living.However, it is not as easy as starting a blog and just writing your heart out. It takes a lot of work and dedication to make a blog successful to the point where you can monetize it and make money.
The good thing is that you can use free blogging platforms to get yourself familiar with blogging and test the waters before spending money buying your own domain and hosting, which is not that much by the way (cost lest than $100 a year to get a domain name and host it somewhere.You can easily start blogging with using different sites like

4.Photo grapher - Hundreds and thousands of pictures are needed every day by online publications, blogs, and websites. Stock image sites have become the go-to place for companies needing images.And to cater to this massive need, stock image sites rely on photographers to supply them with all kinds of images. Whether you are a pro or an amateur, stock photography is a great way to supplement your income.
And the best part about this is that you don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t want to. You can take pictures of everyday objects, windows, doors, toys, garden, or whatever else is around you.By selling high quality photos you create a good revenue.
Around 300$ monthly but if you are professional in photography otherwise nothing you earn.

5.Customer Service - You know how when you call your phone company who has local offices but the support staff is often answering your calls from elsewhere on the planet (India anyone?) Well, as a virtual customer service representative, you’ll be one the other side of the phone helping to answer customer questions and complaints.You only need a landline and/or an Internet connection to get this job. If you can speak other languages, this will be a plus.Every company as a requirement of staff for customer service which takes calls of customers and connect with us .If do this at own home and an office . If you do this in a big multinational company ,then you can can easily generate high revenue.You can expect to earn anywhere between $10 to $20 an hour which is not bad.

6.Graphic Designer - Websites, web pages, blogs, everything on the Internet needs graphic design, besides the old world in print.
This means an explosion and endless expansion in the market.In future the demand of graphic designers is high due to larger no. Of websites or explosion of internet. For ranking a website or for its performance and maintenance its requires a graphic designer. If you are a graphic Designer in big news channel or company ; you can easily create large revenue in a small time period.
Whether you’re a good graphic designer or a beginner, there’s work for you out there.
Look for work on freelance agencies, or start your own online service with a website which will work as a professional introduction to the quality of your work.

7.Product Reviewer - You may have spontaneously posted reviews on Amazon or other sites, reviewing a product. You know what it takes and how much a consumer review helps to sell or destroy a product.By product reviewer you can create $200-$300.
But it's requires a long time period or a hard work.You can do it has a part time work and easily create a good revenue. Many
Companies are in this field which takes your review for any product and giving you some money by online or bank transfer .
Companies like SharedReviews will give you money or rewards in exchange for a product review.This is not a bed job but if can do it as a part time then good.

8.Online money saver -Usually saving money means not spending it. Sometimes, though, in the online world, saving means finding cash rewards that only require knowing the right web addresses.There are programs that will reward you for doing everyday online activities like searching, shopping, visiting new websites, etc.
They are free to join, and while you won’t make a living, you can easily make a few extra hundred dollars by simply using these sites to do your shopping, searching, playing games, and more.

9.Online Juror - Very often, attorneys recur to mock jurors to find out the best strategies before the actual trial.
You need to sign up with the appropriate sites to be informed when there are juror openings that match your address. You can only apply if you live in the same county or federal district where the trial will be held.
Every case may take a few minutes to up to an hour to review and you’ll earn accordingly, from $5 to $60. You’ll be paid through PayPal or by check.

10.Languages translator -  If you’re a writer and know one or more languages, you can work as a translator. The same freelance companies hiring writers will hire translators. You may also apply to translation companies all over the world looking for online translators.
Every multinational company has a need of languages translator for doing business for other countries. And they have different languages for communication every multinational company requires a translator and the demand of translators increases  in future.Pairs including English are always in high demand.
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