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how to download whatsapp


how to download whatsapp

As you know that nowadays everybody is connected with social media and many people start their day with Whatsapp and end on Whatsapp. Whatsapp was started in January 2010. When Whatsapp Chaalu was born, people did not know much about it but slowly it started trending and in today's date WhatsApp will be found in every smartphone user's phone.


But most smart phone users do not know how to download WhatsApp in the phone, so this post is for those people who want WhatsApp Download Karna in their phone because today everyone has Whatsapp ID and everyone Whatsapp Chahiye in your phone, so let's know in detail about how to download Whatsapp.

You can talk unlimited to all your friends at no charge.

You can video call your friends (whose number you have).

Concept of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is very simple and easy concept, whoever downloads it and creates their own WhatsApp ID on it, WhatsApp will read its contact list and all the people who have made WhatsApp Chaalu in their contact list, all those people The phone will start appearing in the contact list of WhatsApp. WhatsApp user can send messages, photos, videos etc. only to those people who have already downloaded WhatsApp in their mobile.

How to download whatsapp from play store

Downloading WhatsApp app from Friends Play Store is very easy. The Play Store is in every Android phone in which we have to log in with our Gmail ID. If you do not know how to create an Gmail account, you can also learn Gmail ID Banana by reading this post "Gmail Par Email ID Kaise Banaye". If you do not know how to turn on WhatsApp, then first you have to download WhatsApp in your phone.

Step 1: Open Play Store

Step 2: Search Whatsapp

Step 3: Install App

how to use whatsaap

When you create your account on WhatsApp, you get many features in it, using WhatsApp is very easy. You can also share photos, video audio with Messaging on WhatsApp. Apart from this, by creating your own group in it, you can also add your friends and relatives and talk to them all together.Apart from this, by creating your own group in it, you can also add your friends and relatives and talk to them all together. If you want to do video calling with someone and he also uses WhatsApp, then you can make a video call with him even if you or the person with whom you want to talk is at any place.

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