In this post, we know about all the queries and details about Jio Gigafiber here we know about Jio Gigafiber customer care number, price, features, Jio fiber welcome offers, and more about Jio Giga fiber.

Jio GigaFiber


Jio Gigafiber

Jio Giafiber is a broadband service in which we Broadband Services, you are provided very high-speed data speed more than your phone, in this, you get up to 1Gbps Data Speed.
A lot of rumors have spread among us about Jio Fiber, such as 700 you get everything in it and send you a 4K TV for free, so today in this article, we will go to the details of what is Jio Fiber, its plants, and Jio Fiber features.

Jio Gigafiber customer care number

For Jio users – Call 198
for Other operators1800 889 9999
For contact Jio fiber customer care dial 198 from your Jio number if you want to connect via other networks dial 1800 889 9999 to reach Jio care. 

Jio Gigafiber price –

you have to pay 2500 one time charge for Jio Gigafiber in which 1500 will be the returnable and the actual price is 1000 for Jio fiber installation. plus your plan
example –
I paid a total of Rs 3500/-. In which plan is for Rs 1000/-, Installation is for Rs 1000/-, Security Deposit of Rs 1500/-. In the plan, I got a total of 400gb at full speed and 1 Mbps unlimited after fair usage policy…

Jio Fiber Features –

High-speed internet – in Jio fiber you get very high-speed internet data in this broadband service you will get up to 1Gbps data speed.
Free HD voice – Through Jio Giga Fiber you can make voice calls anywhere in India in high definition.
Unlimited TV video Calls – In this, you are given the function of video calling on TV, through this you can make video calling in unlimited TV HD quality. Let us tell you that video calls require a lot of data and very high-speed data is required in it. Which you can easily do with the help of Jio fiber.
TV Plus Features – In Jio Fiber, you get TV Plus pictures, so you can watch many popular show movies on demand and in this, you also get a lot of applications.
Home networking features – In Jio Giga Fiber you get home networking features. Through pictures, you can transfer a single child to another device, such as you can transfer any of your documents such as photos, videos files from the tablet to phone to computer.
Free gaming features – If you like to play games, then you get the option of gaming in Geo Fiber. If you purchase this option in this way, then you have to pay at ₹ 1200 for a month according to the month. Get absolutely free
there are some highlighted features for Jio fiber.

Jio fiber welcome offer –

If you talk about the welcome offer in Jio Fiber, you get almost a welcome open with all the plans, so let us know about all the welcome offers.

Bronze welcome offer-

monthly charge – 699
jio fiber bronze welcome offer
If you talk about the plan of Jio Fiber’s annual plan, then you will have to make ₹8338, in this you get 2400 GB of data, that too at a speed of seconds on the Hundred MB, you get a Bluetooth speaker free in it and you have Jio Home gateway and 4k setup box You get no LED in it

Silver welcome offer-

monthly charge – 849
jio fiber silver welcome offer


In Jio Fiber’s Jio Forever Annual Plan, you have to pay ₹ 10188, in which you get 4800 GB of data with a speed of 100 Mbps, it comes with Bluetooth speaker, a Jio Home Gateway Plus 4K HD Setup Box.

Gold welcome offer-

monthly charge – 1299
jio fiber gold welcome offer


Talking about a record plant in Jio Fiber, you will have to make ₹31176, within which you are given 24000 GB of internet data, with a speed of 250 Mbps, that too for 2 years, you have a monthly plan of 1299,
with this, you have a 24 Inch price TVs up to ₹12990 are offered, along with these you get these Jio Home Gateway and 4K HD set-top box.

Dimond welcome offer-

monthly charge – 2499
jio fiber dimond welcome offer


So when we talk about the diamond annual plan of Jio Fiber, this plane, therefore, you have to make about ₹ 29988 in which you get 30000 GB of data, that too with a better speed of 500 Mbps.
it gets a 24 inch MRP of around ₹ 12990 MRP. One LCD TV is available along with a Jio Home Gateway plus 4K HD
set-top box.

Platinum welcome offer-

monthly charge – 3999
jio fiber platinum welcome offer


Talk to friend Jio has a Platinum plane in a Jio forever annual plan, so you get 6000 GB of data with the speed of 1Gbps, you have to make ₹ 47998 for this, along with this you get a 32 inch LED TV. And you also get a Geo Home Gateway and a 4K HD set-top box plane.

titanium welcome offer-

monthly charge – 8499
jio fiber titainum welcome offer


Friends talk about the Titanium plane of Jio Forever and Well plan, which is the final of Forever Annual Plan, for which you have to make about ₹ 101988, inside it you get 132000 GB Internet with that too with a better internet speed of 1gbps, along with it you get a 43-inch 4K LED TV with Jio Home Gateway and 4K set-top box, its monthly price is around ₹ 8499.

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